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FAVORITE QUOTE : "People can take everything away from you. But they can never take away your truth. BUT the question is can you handle mind?"
`Boy In The Mirror`
There's a BOY in the mirror 
I wonder who he is ?
Sometimes I think I know him
Sometimes I really wish I did ...
There's a story in his eyes
When he's looking back at me 
I can tell his heart is broken easily ...

Cause the boy in the mirror
Is crying out tonight
And there's nothing I can tell him
To make his feel alright
OH ... the boy in the mirror 
Is crying cause of YOU !
And I wish there was SOMETHING ...
Something I could DO ~

If I could I would tell him
Not to be AFRAID
The pain that he's feeling
The sense of LONELINESS will fade 
SO ... dry your tears and rest assured 
Love will find you like before
When he's looking back at me
I know nothing really work that easily ...

I can't believe what I see
The boy in the mirror ~
The BOY in the mirror is ME ...
OH ... is ME ~


Posted: Monday, December 19, 2011
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